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    Close to the shopping mall of QuiCentro you will find the neighborhood where the Spanish school is located. We are located near the soccer fields of the park La Carolina (maybe a 5 minute walk) and are caddy corner to the mall El Jardin. The school is set up in a large house with classroom areas that are energy friendly well lit. There is also a social area and a kitchen for making food or heating yourself up with some tea or coffee, always ready to drink when you arrive. The school provides free internet and wi-fi connections so that you may sit on one of our several comfy couches, sip your tea and talk to friends back home. WE ARE RECOGNIZED BY THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND CULTURE OF ECUADOR, meaning you can apply for a student visa in your country. We will provide necessary documentation upon request and help answer any questions that you may have regarding how to obtain a student visa. The professors are very experienced, most having more than 10 years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They understand that you are learning and are ready and willing to show you just how fun and exciting Spanish can be! Never condescending, the teachers participate in all activities and are energetic and willing to accompany you if you want to explore the Historic Center or go see a movie in Spanish.


    Starting date: Every Monday of the year 

    ProgramStarting dateDuration
    Intensive Spanish ProgramEvery Monday1 - 24 weeks
    Group Spanish Lessons (2 - 4 students)Every Monday1 - 24 weeks
    Quito ActiveEvery Monday1 - 8 weeks
    Medical SpanishEvery Monday2 - 12 weeks
    Learn Spanish and VolunteerEvery Monday6 - 8 weeks
    D.E.L.E PreparationEvery Monday2 - 8 weeks
    Online Spanish Lessons (Skype)Any day (Mon - Fri)Minimum 10 hours
    Learn Spanish Exploring Ecuador1st Monday of the month4 - 8 weeks

    One-on-One Intensive Spanish (Private Spanish Lessons)

    a photo overlooking Otovalo
    • 20-35 sessions/wk available with 55 minutes per session.
    • Begins every Monday all year around
    • A Placement Test will be given to assess the four skills of Spanish: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
    • Teachers work with students based on their student’s Spanish level, particular/professional interest and personal pace of learning.
    • Classes are comprised of formal instruction and activities and exercises such as reading aloud, watching movies, playing games or solely having conversations.
    • Ask your teacher if you want extra help. They may be able to give you extra exercises or self help games that you can play.
    • Minimum of one week.

    Group Study (2-5 Students)

    a photo of group spanish class
    • 20-25 sessions/ wk available with 55 minutes per session
    • Begins every Monday all year around
    • A Placement Test will be given to assess the four skills of Spanish: reading, writing, listening and fspeaking.
    • Group classes consist of UP TO 5 students per class.
    • Caution: available classes depend on the number of students that study on the same level. Ask for more information.
    • Depending on the students' level, group lessons consist of half formal class instruction and half the time to participate in educational activities and exercises that are oriented to the four language skills, reading, writing listening and speaking.
    • Minimum of one week.
    • If the class does not register the minimum number of students in your ability group, the lessons will be REPLACED with 15/20 hours of private lessons.

    Medical Spanish Program

    a photo of Doctors

    Too many lives are lost daily because because patients cannot communicate with their doctors. Medical professionals all over the world are learning Spanish because it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. With our Medical Spanish Program, you will study medical terminology in private or group lessons and later, evaluated on your skill level. The course is customized according to your interests and needs allowing you to practice Spanish and medicine through observational rotations in local public hospitals and clinics. The Spanish school will do everything in their power to shape the experience according to the interests and specialties of its students. Rotations are generally 3-4 hrs., 3-5 days a week. Enhance your ability to practice medicine while you experience Ecuadorian medicine first hand. Culture yourself as you see the health system at work and learn about the issues in Ecuador. Email Manuel Bucheli at (manuel.bucheli@gmail.com) for assistance.

    Quito Active Program

    a photo students touring Quito in Quito Active Program

    Enjoy 30 - 35 hourrs of Spanish instruction while you explore the outdoors in and surrounding the old-world city of Quito, Ecuador. Learn Spanish in the classroom, and have the opportunity to utilize it throughout a variety of excursions and activities with the teacher.

    Spanish and Volunteering

    a photo overlooking Otovalo

    Learn about yourself and the world you live in as you immerse yourself in Spanish and work with people from around the world, volunteering with different non-profit organizations. Areas of interest include education, environmental conservation, health, social work. Students have the option to volunteer during the days that they will be receiving Spanish instruction or wait until they have completed the course. Volunteer positions are assigned based on the student’s language skill and skills required to complete the work of the position.

    Private or group lessons available.

    D.E.L.E. Preparation

    a photo student taking exam
    • D.E.L.E. exam - Diploma De Espanol como Lengua Extranjera is in English, the Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma.
    • The course prepares the student to be evaluated according to the criteria of the University of Salamanca and the Instituto Cervantes of the Spanish Government and is universally recognized as the Spanish Language assessment test.
    • The exam is required for any person planning to study in a Spanish university, work in a Spanish speaking company, or work for Spanish speaking organizations or government offices.
    • Our program prepares the student to study the required material no matter what Spanish level they are currently on.
    • Our resources include official D.E.L.E workbooks, exercises, cassettes, and example exams.
    • Preparation program provides AT LEAST 2 practice exams which will be evaluated by the professors and discussed before the actual test date.

    Spanish Online (Skype)

    a photo student taking spanish online
    • If you are unable to travel to Ecuador, you want to get a jumpstart, or you just want to practise what you have already learned, we offer SKYPE classes online. You can learn about Latin culture and traditions as you have conversations over the internet with one of our experienced teachers.
    • Video is optional.
    • Private lessons available on all skill levels
    • Previous experience not required.
    • Customize the program to fit what you want: (conversational Spanish, survival Spanish, Spanish grammer focus)
    • Schedules are very flexible!

    Traveling Classroom

    a photo of traveling spanish class

    Study Spanish while yCities include (in this order) Quito, Cuenca, Montanita and Manta.ou travel with your teacher to 4 of Ecuador’s most popular cities. Experience the diverse terrains of Ecuador as you visit areas of the coast and the sierras.

    Program can start any Monday and a week will be spent in each city. The duration for this unique classroom is 4 weeks minimum.

    Ask for more information to manuel.bucheli@gmail.com

    School Extras!

    a photo students taking salsa lessons

    Salsa Lessons

    Every Thursday join other students and teachers in learning and experiencing Latin dance. Salsatecas are a fantastic way to socialize and meet people while you dance and practice your Spanish.

    School Fiesta!

    a photo of student party
    • Organized monthly
    • A talent show allows students to show off their skills!!!! SUPER FUN!!!
    • Games, snacks and drinks!!!
    • Relax as you tell funny stories about your travels or relate to others as you discuss your experiences learning Spanish.
    a photo students taking cooking class

    Cooking Classes

    • Every Wednesday at the school
    • Take home one of the most amazing gifts of Ecuador, the dishes
    • Learn recipes and how to prepare popular Ecuadorian dishes



    a photo of homestay family ecuador quito

    Living with the local Ecuadorians is the best way to really discover the culture and learn the language. We can provide stays with some of the best families in Quito guaranteeing an experience of a lifetime. Here are a few tips that may prepare you for your homestay:

    • Always let your family know if you are going to be coming home late or when you are leaving for the weekend.
    • Because mealtime is highly regarded in Ecuadorian culture, be sure to let your family know if you cannot attend in advance.
    • Be respectful of the telephone usage and other household items. The families always do the most they can to ensure that you are comfortable and enjoying your stay. Helping clean your dishes and maintain your bedroom will be appreciated and most likely make it easier to feel like you are a part of the family.

    The homestay option includes a private bedroom inside the house of the family, all meals (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner) and laundry service once per week.

    Students apartments

    a photo student apartment
    • Fully furnished apartments are equipped with hot water, cable tv and kitchen facilities.
    • Excellent for those students who desire more independence or prefer to cook for themselves.
    • Meals and laundry are not included but food is inexpensive when advised where to shop and laundry services are commonplace.


    The following hotels are recommended in Quito:

    5 stars lujo accommodation
    Hotel AkrosAv. 6 de Diciembre N34-120 y Checoslovaquia
    Tel: (593) 02 2430600,2430610,2468800
    Best Western Plaza Hotel CasinoShyris 1757 y Naciones Unidas
    Tel: (593) 02 2445305,2445306,2445307
    Dann CarltonRebublica de El Salvador N34-377 e Irlanda
    Tel: (593) 02 2249008,2248808
    Grand Hotel Mercure AlamedaRoca 653 y Amazonas
    Tel: (593) 02 2562345 
    Hilton ColónAmazonas y Patria
    Tel: (593) 02 2560666
    Hotel Quito - Compass HotelsGonzález Suárez N27-142
    Tel:(593) 02 2544600,2543631
    JW MarriotOrellana 1172 y Amazonas
    Tel:(593) 02 2972000
    Le Parc HotelAv. República del Salvador N34-349 e Irlanda
    Tel: (593) 02 2276800
    Nü HouseFoch E6-12 y Reina Victoria - Plaza del Quinde
    Tel: (593) 02 2557845
    Hotel Plaza GrandeGarcía Moreno N5-16 y Chile
    Tel: (593) 02 2510777,2510888
    Radisson RoyalLuis Cordero 444 y 12 de Octubre
    Tel:(593) 02 2233333
    Swissotel12 de Octubre 1820 y Luis Cordero
    Tel: (593) 02 2567600,2566497
    4 stars primero accommodation
    Hotel Alejandro10 de Agosto 3976 y Rumipamba
    Tel: (593) 02 2439949,2247196,2261033
    Hotel Ambassador9 de Octubre 1052 y Colón
    Tel: (593) 02 2562049,2561777
    American SuitesEloy Alfaro 3333 y José Correa
    Tel: (593) 02 2275120,2275118,2275119
    Hotel BarnardQueseras del Medio E11-205 (frente al Hospital Militar)
    Tel: (593) 02 2540629
    Hotel Chalet SuisseReina Victoria N24-191 y Calama
    Tel: (593) 02 2562700,2548744
    Hotel EmbassyWilson E8-22 y 6 de Diciembre
    Tel: (593) 02 2563192
    Eugenia HotelAv. Diego de Almagro 1245 & Orellana
    Tel: (593) 02 2524895,2558285,2545613
    Hotel FinlandiaFinlandia 227 y Suecia
    Tel: (593) 02 2244287,2244288,2244289
    Hotel Howard Johnson La CarolinaAlemania E5-103 y República
    Tel: (593) 02 2265265
    Melrose Plaza SuitesPaul Rivet 22-2 y 6 de Diciembre
    Tel: (593) 02 2908700,2908701
    Patio AndaluzGarcía Moreno N6-52 y Olmedo
    Tel: (593) 02 2280830
    Hotel Reina IsabelAmazonas N2344 y Veintimilla
    Tel: (593) 02 2544454,2544717
    Hotel RepúblicaRepública E2-137 y Azuay
    Tel: (593) 02 2436553,2436391
    Hotel Río AmazonasLuis Cordero E4-375 y Amazonas
    Tel: (593) 02 2556666
    Hotel Savoy InnYasuní N44-164 y El Inca
    Tel:(593) 02 2460620,2467118
    Hotel San Francisco de QuitoSucre 217 y Guayaquil
    Tel: (593) 02 2287758
    Hotel SebastianAlmagro 822 y Luis Cordero
    Tel: (593) 2222400,2222300
    Hotel Tambo Real12 de Octubre y Patria
    Tel: (593) 02 2563820 al 25
    Hotel WindsorVicente Ramón Roca 668 y Amazonas
    Tel: (593) 02 2224033
    AntineaJuan Rodríguez 175 y Diego de Almagro
    Tel: (593) 02 2504284,2504289
    La Colina SuitesLaLa Colina N26-119 y Orellana
    Tel: (593) 02 2234678
    GalaxieVillalengua OE4-196 y Carondelet
    Tel:(593) 02 2253185,2251076
    Los QuipusLéérida E14-55 y Lugo
    Tel: (593) 02 2224037,2557787
    Hotel WaltherAlpallana 300 y Diego de Almagro
    Tel: (593) 02 2228552,2228553
    3 stars standard accommodation
    Hotel BaltraIsla Baltra y Av. Amazonas, esquina
    Tel: (593) 02 3520901,3520903,3520904
    Hotel El Relicario del CarmenVenezuela 1041 y Olmedo
    Tel: (593) 02 32289120,2285917
    Hotel OthelloAv. Amazonas N20-20 y 18 de Septiembre
    Tel: (593) 02 2565835,2902490
    Hotel Real AudienciaBolívar Oe3-18 y Guayaquil
    Tel:(593) 02 2950590/2711,2580213
    Hotel Sierra MadreVeintimilla 464 y Luis Tamayo
    Tel: (593) 02 2505687,2224950
    Hotel Seis de Diciembre6 de Diciembre N21-120 y Roca
    Tel: (593) 02 2544866,2565682
    Backpackers InnJuan Rodriguez 245 y Reina Victoria
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